Which Honey Is Better?

What is the difference between COLD PRESSED RAW HONEY and REGULAR HONEY. Standard ‘regular’ honey has a processing order involving filtration and pasteurization. Honey will loose its therapeutic properties when heated (especially the high heat from pasteurization) Honey in its natural state has enzymes and nutrients such as glucose, B vitamins and minerals like magnesium, potassium, […]

How to Eat Healthy When You Are on the Go

When you’re home, you are master of your domain. You control what comes into the kitchen and what lands on your children’s plates. But what happens when you’re not at home – when you’re traveling, fighting traffic, waiting at the airport, running late or stuck at the mall and your child is starving? The fear […]

Five Foods to Rev Up Your Metabolism

You know the usual appetite-curbing add-ons like lean protein, fibre-rich veggies, and green tea. These work great.  But I’ve also picked up some unique, off-the-beaten-path ones that rev up your metabolism so you blast more fat.  Best of all, they taste good and become easy to incorporate into your diet. Add these five things to […]

Benefits of Juicing

Anything from lack of energy to weight gain to allergies to premature aging to mood swings to chronic disease could be due to issues in your gut. Modern society is not a very gut-friendly place. There are toxins everywhere and the gut loves to soak them up. Thankfully, getting your gut back to its optimal […]

7 Superfoods for Middle Aged Women

You’ve Got to Stay Healthy to Enjoy the Later Years! Surveys show that middle age is a time of great creativity, more self-confidence, and better decision-making. In fact, one survey showed that more than three-quarters of women over the age of 35 said their best years were ahead of them. Midlife is a time of […]

6 Myths about Cholesterol

Six of the most common myths about cholesterol.  By James Colquhoun (Filmmaker Food Matters & Hungry For Change) Myth Number 1: Cholesterol Will Kill You This is simply not true. Cholesterol is your friend, not your enemy. Essential to good health, especially women’s wellness, cholesterol should not be something that is feared and revered when […]

Stress Relief Ideas

Everybody needs some ‘me’ time in which you can do something you enjoy.  Ideally you should schedule it in its day, but our busy lifestyles often prohibit this from happening. At the very least you should have your own time once a week. Generally any kind of physical activity can help to reduce your levels […]

7 Questions to Ask Yourself the Next Time You Feel Anxious

Anxiety is often caused by unhealthy thought patterns, worries and stress. However, sometimes that uncomfortable, distressful and at times panic-inducing experience has little to do with what we’re thinking and more to do with our biochemistry or what we just ate. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how much we “talk it out” because our anxiety has […]

Stress & the Digestive System

Stress is a normal physical “fight or flight” response to external or internal events that make you feel threatened or upset your physical or mental balance in some way. External events include work, relationships, finances, major life changes or any situation that you’re confronted with on a daily basis. Internal events determine your body’s ability […]

Ideas and recipes to get you started

Make hash browns from butternut pumpkin. Peel pumpkin, and grate into shreds with a vegetable/cheese grater. Place in pan and brown on each side. Make chips out of many vegetables including zucchini and carrots. Cut carrots into thin discs or curls with a vegetable peeler. Deep fry in until lightly brown around edge. Remove from […]