Our newest Naturopath, Nicola 💝

I am so pleased to meet you!

Health and wellness was something that’s always come naturally to me. 
Growing up I was always looking for ways I could support my wellbeing. 
I originally did a Bachelor of Business at QUT however with about 12 months to go, I found I was much more excited about the healing potential of herbal and nutritional medicine. I’ve experienced first-hand how Naturopathic health care can improve our quality of life and I wanted to be part of the industry to help others struggling with their health. 
Once completing my business degree I decided to follow my passion and enrolled at Endeavour College of Natural Health and I’ve never looked back! 
The more I learned the more I wanted to continue learning and helping others. I enjoy educating my patients along the way so that they have the tools to support their ongoing wellbeing for the future. 
As a naturopath, I focus on restoring imbalances within the body with nutritional medicines and use the magic of herbal medicines to help enhance the healing process, reduce symptoms and restore function within the body. 
The ultimate goal for me is to support your health and wellbeing by encouraging optimal function and improving overall quality of life.
In other words, “I want you to feel better!”
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