What is a Naturopath?

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What health concerns do you have?  If you have no health concerns, then what are your health goals?

Think about those questions for a minute and when you have the answer, speak to a naturopath and they will be able to help you treat your concerns and achieve your goals.  This is what being a naturopath is all about……helping people being as healthy as they can be.

A Naturopath is a very knowledgeable person who understands how the food you eat, your lifestyle choices and the environment you live in affects your health.  We work with you to help you achieve an optimal level of health so that you have the energy and vitality you need to fully enjoy your life.  Poor health or chronic health conditions lessen your ability to participate in the things you want to do most and can inhibit interacting with family and friends.  Who wants that?

A Naturopath has a number of roles including:

  • Detective – a naturopath wants to discover the cause of your health issue / disease.  We do not simply Band-Aid your symptoms and send you on your way.  We take time to listen to what has happened with your health throughout your life.  We also use physical examination, such as nail and tongue analysis, as well as functional and pathology tests.
  • Problem Solver – once a naturopath finds the cause of your health concerns, then problem solving is necessary to discover the best way to treat that cause.  We have a variety of options including diet and lifestyle advice and nutritional or herbal medicine.  If necessary you will be referred on to other health care professionals.
  • Educator – a naturopath will provide you with the education you need to understand your health problem. Armed with this information you will have the ability to make the right choices for you to maintain your new found level of wellness.
  • Lifestyle coach – sometimes problems can be managed with a change in lifestyle and we can provide the information, guidance and support you need to transition that change.

Come and see us to find out how we can improve your health and your quality of living.