Do You Suffer from Reflux?

suffer from reflux

Chances are you have experienced reflux at some stage in your life.  Most of us get it occasionally after a meal which has been too large, creamy, fatty or spicy.  If you are getting reflux every other day, or worse, every day then it needs to be fixed.  Pregnant women are the exception here. Reflux […]

Discussions about Holistic Health

discussions about holistic health

Are you interested in learning how you can improve and maintain your health? Is there a wellness topic you are interested in and would like to hear about from an expert? Introducing Kangaroo Point Naturopaths’ Discussions about Holistic Health. Because we care about our clients, we want you to have access to education that will empower you to make […]

What is a Naturopath?

natural medicine

What health concerns do you have?  If you have no health concerns, then what are your health goals? Think about those questions for a minute and when you have the answer, speak to a naturopath and they will be able to help you treat your concerns and achieve your goals.  This is what being a naturopath is all […]

Your body speaks!

your body speaks

When was the last time you listened to your body? Have you ever stopped to think that your body is speaking to you? When you are low on energy, can’t get out of bed, have constant headaches or numerous colds each year these signs are indications that your body is speaking to you. In today’s […]

The true meaning of wellness

true meaning of wellness

The true meaning of wellness When people think of the word “wellness” they automatically associate it with health- “To be well one must be healthy”. The concept “wellness’ has different meanings for different people as the experience of being well is very subjective to the individual. Being well could be as simple as “the absence […]