Raise a glass… To 💖Denise💖

In November I sent an email on my Sea Change to the wonderful Main Beach. Given the current environment, I am officially retiring from face-to-face practice in Brisbane, and Brisbane Naturopaths after many wonderful (wonderful!) years. Yes. Retiring. Wow! However, don’t be concerned as I’ve been working hard on setting things into motion to make […]

Elimination Diet For Gut Issues: Should You Try It?

If you have symptoms like bloating, intestinal discomfort, indigestion, or interesting stools, it might be worth investigating the cause. Elimination diets are an important tool in identifying and treating the cause of your gut issues. (Call 1300 03 03 25 for an appointment.) When health advice falls flat Lately we’ve read some interesting articles about […]

It’s Time to Reduce & Reboot

Three Goals to strive for to: Reduce Weight, Reboot your metabolic rate & Maintain Weight Loss So…what does this involve? The Program The program involves a team approach to weight management. An initial consultation with our Health practitioner will assess your current and past health, weight history and weight loss goals, as well as receiving […]

Try This Hearty Soup For A Winter Immune Boost: Spicy Roasted Pumpkin and Chickpea Soup

Our senior naturopath and gut guru—Denise Hales—runs us through her fool-proof soup recipe for giving your immune system a boost in cold and flu season. Even though I would rather be sitting on the beach in Greece, I am based here in Brisbane for the next few months. So, it’s time for a nice, warming […]

Do You Know These 6 Reasons To Eat Fermented Foods?

If you’re rundown and exhausted, then you’re immune system is probably burnt out as well. Can you do anything about it? Our Senior Naturopath and gut guru—Denise Hales—explains why eating fermented foods is great for our overall health and wellness. Reason #1 – Nutrients love it Fermentation is the only type of preparation of foods […]

5 Easy Ways To Improve Your Child’s Gut Health To Support Their Immune System

Our Senior Naturopath and gut guru (and former paediatric nurse)—Denise Hales—shows us 5 easy ways to support a healthy gut in our kids, and keep those coughs and colds away with a strong immune system. A healthy gut means a healthy immune system There are plenty of reasons to help keep your child’s gut in […]

5 Immunity-Building Tricks Every Adult Should Use This Cold & Flu Season

If you suffer from cold or flu most winters, you know how much it sucks! Time off work, time off school, time off fun. Ain’t nobody got time for that! Our herb nerd, naturopath, and kinesiologist—Georgia Kilpatrick—gives us 5 actionable steps you can take this winter to boost your immunity and stop those miserable viruses […]

3 Easy Ways to Support Your Kid’s Immune System in Cold and Flu Season

Naturopath and kinesiologist—Georgia Kilpatrick—gives us three easy ways to supercharge your kid’s immunity to coughs and colds this winter season. It’s cough & cold season, and with the non-stop exposure to viruses around schools, it’s not a matter of if, but when your kiddo will come home with a cold this season. A cold a […]