3 great reasons to visit Brisbane Naturopaths; Hint: Winter Colds & Flus, Mould and Immunity

There are so many ways a naturopath can help beyond gut health, although it’s all tied in together… Did you know that 80% of your immune system stems from having good gut health?

With winter just around the corner it’s important that we take action now to best prepare us for the cooler months ahead. As a Naturopath, I want to help my patients be in the best possible position to build resilience, fight illness and recover quicker so that you can bounce back stronger than before. 

So, ask yourself:

  • How is your energy?
  • How is your memory recall?
  • Are you feeling a bit congested?
  • Are you getting more headaches?
  • Are you waking up feeling nauseas?
  • Are your joint aching more than they used to?

These can all be signs and symptoms of inflammation and mould exposure which might place you at a higher risk of more severe colds and flus. 

so, What can a Naturopath do to help me?

A Naturopath can take a detailed look at your blood tests and assess how well your immune system is functioning. We can also arrange for further testing if required, to see what the driving force of your inflammation might be. We can also test for mould to see what you’ve been exposed to and how much it is affecting you. Analysing your test results helps to give more clarity into how we can best support you and what herbs and nutrients we can use to get you feeling your best again.

Naturopaths treat each patient individually. We take a detailed assessment of what’s led you to this moment right now, and we put pieces of the puzzle together for you, to understand why you feel the way you do.

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Nicola Dimasi
Senior Naturopath