relieve bloating

I think the number one thing people need to know about BLOATING is that


Bloating is a sign from your body that something is not working correctly and it needs help.  A previous blog post has discussed the importance of listening to your body and taking heed of what it is saying.

There are several different causes of bloating including low levels of stomach acid, decreased liver function, insufficient enzyme production, leaky gut syndrome, a food intolerance / sensitivity or an imbalance in gut flora (good and bad bacteria).

How do you know which one is the cause?  This is where a naturopath is necessary to help you discern the answer.  How can a naturopath tell?  We ask a variety of questions to point us in the right direction and then we use diagnostic testing to confirm our suspicions.

Are there simple remedies to help with bloating? Yes there are:

  • Kick start you day with a glass of warm water and add either juice from half a lemon or 1 teaspoon of Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar.  Remember to rinse your mouth afterwards to help prevent teeth enamel damage
  • Don’t drink carbonated drinks, including soft drinks, just before or when you are eating.  The bicarbonate will neutralise the stomach acid and food will not be broken down food effectively.
  • Chew your food well as this stimulates digestive enzymes to break down food
  • Eat bitter foods including dark green leafy vegetables, kale and raddichio
  • Eat food rich in Zinc to increase production of stomach acid. These include pumpkin seeds, chicken, beef, salmon, brown rice, kefir and wholegrain cereals
  • Eat unpasteurized unheated sauerkraut as it helps to normalize stomach acid.  Try Peace Love and Vegetables brand available at Health Food Stores
  • Certain herbal teas can also help reduce bloating.  These include peppermint, chamomile and ginger.  Caraway and fennel seeds steeped in hot water for 5 minutes also make a tasty tea to decrease bloating.

Whilst these remedies might provide some relief, if the cause remains untreated then the bloating will continue.   Book an appointment with us to today and get rid of that annoying bloating.