Reducing the Symptoms of Menopause

Menopause is a natural transition which is experienced by all women and is marked by the permanent cessation of menstruation for a period of at least 12 months.  It results from changes in the levels of various hormones including declining levels of oestrogen.   The average age for menopause is between 50 and 52 years. The development of menopausal symptoms […]

Oestrogen – The Good and the Bad

There are a number of hormones which affect the female reproductive cycle and it would take all day to read about them, so we are just going to talk about oestrogen and its effect on fertility, certain diseases and long term health. Oestrogen and progesterone work in a finely tuned balance to keep the menstrual […]

How to Boost Your Immunity this Winter

As winter fast approaches so does the cold and flu season.  Most of the infections we suffer are mild, but there is the potential for more serious infections such as influenza.  Other infections such as Epstein Barr or Ross River Fever can cause long lasting detrimental effects.  Therefore it is important to have your immune […]

Why is Good Gut Bacteria so Important?

gut dysbiosis

Before we talk about why it’s important, let’s talk a little about what is gut flora.  Gut flora simply refers to the bacteria that live within our digestive tract.  The digestive tract consists of billions of bacteria from over 1,000 different species, with a combined weight of 1-1.5kgs.  The highest concentration of bacteria is found […]


relieve bloating

I think the number one thing people need to know about BLOATING is that IT’S NOT NORMAL! Bloating is a sign from your body that something is not working correctly and it needs help.  A previous blog post has discussed the importance of listening to your body and taking heed of what it is saying. There are […]

Discussions about Holistic Health

discussions about holistic health

Are you interested in learning how you can improve and maintain your health? Is there a wellness topic you are interested in and would like to hear about from an expert? Introducing Kangaroo Point Naturopaths’ Discussions about Holistic Health. Because we care about our clients, we want you to have access to education that will empower you to make […]

Mother’s Day

Its mother’ s day this Sunday so we thought we might take some time to reflect on what makes mothers such special people.   It’ s not about the things they do for you, like taking you to ballet or footy practice, cooking your dinner or doing  your washing; realistically anyone can do those things for […]

Causes of Food Intolerances

dangers to microflora

ANTIBIOTICS – used so much more now with our children.  Unfortunately, antibiotics not only kill the bacteria which is causing the infection, they also destroy a lot of the bacteria which live in our digestive tract (gut)….. the ‘good bugs’ .  These good bugs help to provide us with ongoing immunity and the correct balance also helps to […]

Food Intolerance

food intolerance

Generally people think of food intolerances occurring only in children, but people of all ages can experience an intolerance.  If you or your child have any of the following symptoms you should consider the possibility of a food intolerance: Tummy pains / bloating Constipation / diarrhoea Bad breath  /  flatulence Sleep disturbances Asthma / continual throat clearing Headaches  […]