Mediterranean Stuffed-Halloumi Squid Salad

Continuing on with the Mediterranean-cuisine love affair, Denise was just drooling over dinner a few weeks ago in Greece, when she order a stuffed-halloumi squid salad. We can understand why! Here is Denise’s recreation of this mouth-watering meal. Ingredients For the squid: Baby squid: you can buy these already cleaned at your local fish shop, […]

How To Get More Magnesium In Your Diet

In clinic, we often get asked “why is magnesium so important?” Why is Magnesium so important? Well young padawans, magnesium is required for over 300 biochemical pathways in our bodies, including: protein synthesis muscle and nerve function blood-glucose control blood-pressure control energy production Symptoms of Magnesium deficiency The symptoms of magnesium deficiency can include: muscle […]

Magnesium-Salt Baths to Motivate You

If you feel that Monday-itis coming on, have a magnesium salt bath on Sunday night. Where do I buy Magnesium salt? Firstly go to your local health-food store and buy Magnesium Chloride Flakes (these are more easily absorbed than Epsom salts). Benefits of Magnesium baths Magnesium has some wonderful healing properties, including: Stress relief Muscle […]

Avgolemono Soup – Greek Egg-and-Lemon, Chicken-Noodle Soup

As kids, we knew this soup as Greek egg-and-lemon chicken soup! Avgolemono soup brings back so many childhood memories. Our neighbour was Greek, and whenever we were sick—particularly with a cold or flu—she’d toddle over with a bowl of this tasty soup. Immune-boosting soup Not only does it have immune-boosting properties, but is high in […]

Sideritis – The Greek Mountain Tea That Aids Digestion

On Denise’s recent travels to Greece, she came across the local herbal, wild-crafted, flowering plant called Mountain Tea, commonly known as Ironwort. The scientific name for Mountain Tea is Sideritis. How is Mountain Tea prepared and served? This tea is prepared by decoction, by boiling the stems, leaves, and flowers in a pot of water, […]

Are you Vitamin D deficient?

According to Harvard University, over 1 billion people globally are Vitamin D deficient. Why do we need Vitamin D? Vitamin D is essential for: 1. Bone health and muscle strength 2. Cardiovascular health 3. Cancer fighting – research links low vitamin D and colon cancer plus numerous other cancers 4. Immune Support – to prevent […]

Finger Prick Testing for Food Intolerance and Sensitivities

Are you, or your loved ones, suffering from food sensitivities or intolerances? Symptoms of food intolerance tend to take longer to appear than symptoms of allergies. The symptoms are varied and can include, migraine, cough, stomach pain, constipation, or diarrhoea. An appreciable number of these symptoms can be very much diet related, which links back […]