Are Electromagnetic Fields Making You Sick?

Our guest blogger and author of four books on the subject—Donna Fisher, the EMF girl—discusses electromagnetic fields (EMF) and how they could be seriously affecting your health.

What are electromagnetic fields (EMF)?

EMFs are the artificial, human-made electromagnetic fields that emanate from all things electrical, electronic, and wireless. They include:

  • Wi-Fi
  • mobile phones
  • mobile-phone antennas
  • cordless phones
  • computers
  • wireless baby monitors
  • smart/digital meters
  • electrical wiring and equipment
  • power lines
  • substations
  • solar-panel technology
  • wind turbines

EMFs and electromagnetic communication in the body

All communication in the body eventually takes place via subtle electromagnetic signalling within and between cells, depending on precise timing and uniform communication. Our body’s own electromagnetic signalling is being disrupted by this artificially created electromagnetic energy. EMF stimulates stress proteins (indicating an assault on the cell). Cells only make stress proteins when they have come into contact with something that they feel is harmful. The more fear or stress an organism perceives, the more energy it diverts for protection. A cell cannot be in a state of growth and protection at the same time. Ideally, energy is expended for growth and reproduction with as little as possible spent on defence.

“A cell cannot be in a state of growth and protection at the same time.”

The effect of EMFS on our immune system

Nature designed protection systems with the hope that they would never be used or, at worst, used sporadically to help organisms escape the occasional clutches of life-threatening predators. The body’s defence mechanisms were never intended nor designed to be used all day and all night, and today we are now exposed to EMF all day and all night. These EMF are foreign invaders, and the body mounts an immune response. After such chronic immune system stimulation, the immune system fatigues and fails.

Neuropsychiatric effects of EMFs

Studies dating back to the 1950s and ’60s show the nervous system is the organ that is most sensitive to EMF. The brain and spinal cord make up the central nervous system (CNS). Nerves everywhere else in the body are part of the peripheral nervous system. EMFs attack our nervous systems including our brains, leading to widespread neurological/neuropsychiatric effects  (Source: Professor Martin L. Pall).

Effects of EMFs on the blood-brain barrier

Exposure to EMF increases permeability of the blood-brain barrier (BBB), and with the breakdown of the BBB, the number-one concern is the impact on the critical neurons in the brain. The basic building block of the nervous system is a nerve cell, called a neuron. The BBB plays a vitally important role in the protection of the brain from pathogens, toxins, and heavy metals.

As the BBB is vulnerable to serious and ongoing damage from exposure to EMF, the effects on the blood-ocular barrier (that protects the eyes), the blood-placenta barrier (that protects the developing foetus), the blood-gut barrier (that protects proper digestion and nutrition), and the blood-testes barrier (that protects developing sperm) are currently being further studied.

Do EMFs contribute to Leaky Gut Syndrome?

Dr Jack Kruse believes the number-one risk factor for the initiation of Leaky Gut Syndrome is excessive environmental EMF and artificial light.

About Donna Fisher

Donna Fisher is part of the Australasian contingent of the world EMF PROTECTION PROJECT and is the author of four books on EMF: Silent Fields: The Growing Cancer Cluster Story; More Silent Fields: Cancer and the Dirty Electricity Plague; Dirty Electricity and Electromagnetic Radiation; and Light that Heals: Energy Medicine Today & Beyond. Donna currently lectures on EMF to doctors and health professionals, occupational health and safety officers, and union representatives. Contact Donna by email at For more information, visit her website .