Our in-house nutritionist—Bri Clancy Olins—shares her favourite recipe for an antioxidant-rich juice that will help you alkalise, detoxify, and stay hydrated on our special, 14-day detox program! The importance of diet and nutrition when you detox Diet and nutrition are the cornerstone of a good detox plan. What we consume while detoxing plays a huge […]


What is kinesiology? If you don’t know what kinesiology is, here’s a quick rundown. Kinesiology is a way of asking the body where the stress is and balancing it via the Traditional Chinese Medicine meridians. It’s like acupuncture without the needles. The testing involves muscle testing. That is, a simple test to ascertain if a […]


Let’s talk about our SPECIAL, 14-DAY, $300 February-DETOX program! Meet your DETOX DREAM TEAM These three passionate detox superheroes—Denise, Georgia, and Bri— are combining the best of their experience and skills in naturopathy, kinesiology, and nutrition to bring you a powerful 14-day DETOX program. About Denise Denise started her career as a registered nurse in […]

Histamines and Intolerance: How to Live a Low-Histamine Lifestyle

If you’ve got a problem with histamines it can be a real Debby downer, but it doesn’t have to be. Guestblogger and naturopath—Megan Ezzy—tells us about histamines, what they are, how they affect our health, and what foods we should avoid and enjoy to lead a low-histamine lifestyle. What is histamine? Histamine is a messenger […]

Case Study: Reducing Allergic Eczema Flares With Kinesiology and Naturopathy

Guest blogger and Brisbane Naturopath and Wellness Centre naturopath and kinesiologist—Georgia Kilpatrick—is talking to us this month about an 11 year old girl who presented with severe eczema over 70% of her body. This is “Shay’s” story. Presentation 11 year old “Shay” (not her real name)—and her very concerned mum—came to see me in December […]

Three Common Food Sensitivities You’ve Never Even Heard Of

Guest blogger and Brisbane Naturopath and Wellness Centre nutritionist—Bri Clancy Olins—is talking to us this month about three food groups that might be causing your symptoms. Read on to find out what common, everyday foods could be the culprits. If you experience symptoms that can’t be explained, like hives or foggy brain or you just […]

Food Allergies vs Food Intolerance and Sensitivity

If we know one thing for sure, it’s that the prevalence of food allergies and intolerances are on the rise. Let’s take a look at the difference between an allergy and an intolerance and why the incidence of food sensitivity—in all its forms—is skyrocketing. What are food allergies? Food allergies are not fun, especially if […]