What is kinesiology?

If you don’t know what kinesiology is, here’s a quick rundown.

Kinesiology is a way of asking the body where the stress is and balancing it via the Traditional Chinese Medicine meridians.

It’s like acupuncture without the needles.

The testing involves muscle testing. That is, a simple test to ascertain if a muscle is locking or unlocking, as this biofeedback mechanism happens with the motor-neuron system (nervous system via the spine to the brain) and bypasses conscious thinking.

This gives us indications of where the body isn’t working so well, and which systems, muscles, and meridians aren’t coping with the current workload. Through understanding how the meridians work together, it then becomes clear to your kinesiologist what the body needs to rebalance so it can function easily again.

How to detox with kinesiology

Our special detox program with the Detox Dream Team at Brisbane Naturopaths includes one kinesi sessions. This will focus on balancing your body to work efficiently.

Repeated and continuous exposure

The world around us has so many chemicals, toxins, and heavy metals in it, and all of these are complex molecules which are difficult for our body to break down. If it was just one chemical in small doses—as a one-off or sporadic dose—our body would cope with that very well. However, there are many different chemicals in our water, on our foods, in our products, perfumes, cleaning products, in our air, offgassing from our homes, furniture, cars, and so much more. Living in our modern world, we’re exposed to and consuming these incidental chemicals and toxins everyday, in minor amounts, but over and over again.

Many chemicals are water soluble and therefore have a half life within our body of 24-36 hours (generally), but we’re topping these levels up everyday as we consume and breathe.

Cleaning up the system and reducing exposure where comfortably possible is good, but there are so many incidental exposures we can’t avoid, and if we did we’ll be living on top of a mountain being very antisocial! (Even then there are studies to show new mothers in remote mountain-top tribal communities in Papua New Guinea still had plastics, pesticides, and other toxins in their breast milk!)

Equipping the body to deal with the load

The next step is making sure the body can process and cope with the toxin load. This is where kinesiology comes in.

With kinesi the body can indicate what it can and can’t cope with, and then what it needs to be able to cope with more of a toxic load comfortably.

So don’t go live on a mountain top forever, it’s more fun here (when you’re balanced and feeling the wellness of a good detox!)

The focus of your 2 detox sessions

This is a two-session kinesiology plan for your detox program. The first session is part of our special, 14-day detox program and focuses on streamlining the detox pathways and organs, If you choose to do additional kinesiology detox sessions, your second session ($100) will focus on the toxins we’re exposed to on a day-to-day basis and balancing your body so it knows how to sort and process them out easily and efficiently.

Session 1 – 1 hour (included in our special 14-day Detox program)

  1. The detox organs:
    • liver
    • kidneys
    • large intestine
    • small intestine
    • lungs
  2. The 6 liver-detox pathways:
    • glutathionation
    • sulphation
    • methylation
    • glucoronidation
    • glycination
    • acetylation
  3. The gut microbiome – the balance of “good” and “bad” bacteria in the gut.

Session 2 – 1 hour ($100) – optional

Common, incidental environmental toxins that we just can’t avoid:

  1. Pesticides and insecticide residues. There are 42 most commonly used pesticides and insecticides used in Australian industry, some of them known carcinogens. Pesticide and insecticide residues are present on fruit and vegetables, grains, legumes, plastics, and fabrics that we wear.
  2. Heavy metals – cadmium (found in fuels and in the air we breathe), mercury (particularly if you have a mercury dental filling), other heavy metals.
  3. Water – chlorine and chloramide. Although these are needed to make our water safe for consumption, they can interfere with some people’s gut microbiome and air ways; as well as the reproductive system, immunity, compromise thyroid function, and (surprise surprise) detoxification pathways.
  4. Xeno-oestrogens – these are compounds made outside of our body (often man made) which look like oestrogen to our receptors, thus causing havoc. The presence of xeno-oestrogens can be incredibly interfering with hormonal processes not only in females, but also males.

Further support and advice

In conjunction with kinesiology detox balancing, we will prescribe you further support with Naturopathic supplementation and nutritional advice. We will help you navigate through your detox with minimal side effects. This Detox program is super charging you on your path to wellness.

Ring BNWC 1300 03 03 25 to enquire about our SPECIAL, 14-DAY, $300 February Detox program!