Let’s talk about our SPECIAL, 14-DAY, $300 February-DETOX program!


These three passionate detox superheroes—Denise, Georgia, and Bri— are combining the best of their experience and skills in naturopathy, kinesiology, and nutrition to bring you a powerful 14-day DETOX program.

About Denise

Denise started her career as a registered nurse in 1970, specialising in paediatrics. Denise’s focus and passion after studying Naturopathy led her to concentrate on the GUT and BRAIN connection. With her bubbly personality, Denise is on a mission to restore everyone’s gut microbiome one person at a time!

brisbane naturopath denise hales

About Georgia

Georgia’s skillset is unique, in that she combines her background as a clinical naturopath with her skills and passion for kinesiology. Your autoimmune and inflammatory conditions are what gets Georgia up in the morning, even when you can’t.

About Bri

Bri’s common-sense approach to good nutrition will make you wonder why you didn’t do this sooner. Bri’s gentle manner and her easy-to-follow nutritional programs will help you create new and healthy habits.

What to expect in your 14-day detox program?

  • 3 x professional consults:
  1. 1 x 45-minute Naturopathic consult with Senior Naturopath Denise Hales
  2. 1 x 60-minute Kinesiologist appointment with Georgia Kilpatrick
  3. 1 x 45-minute Nutritionist consult with Bri Clancy Olins
  • Weight assessment
  • Kinesiologist detox balance
  • Setting achievable goals together
  • Daily nutritional plans (including recipes for juicing and healthy meals)
  • Nutritional and herbal supplements and teas individually prescribed according to your medical history (purchased at additional cost).

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