Is Organic Acids Testing (OAT) Right For You?

Here at Brisbane Naturopaths we thrive on testing. No more guessing games or long, drawn out elimination processes. The information is there in black and white. Nutritionist—Bri Clancy-Olins—runs us through one of our favourite comprehensive tests – the Organic Acids Test. What is the Organic Acids Test? The Organic Acids Test (or OAT) is a […]

Autoimmune case study: Karen’s Hashimoto’s journey

Kinesiologist and naturopath Georgia Kilpatrick takes us on Karen’s amazing Hashimoto’s journey to wellness. Karen was 38 years old when she first arrived in my clinic room. She had been through the medical system and was finally diagnosed with Hashimoto’s. She felt very relieved to have finally found out what was wrong, as she thought […]

The Importance of Gut Health in Autoimmunity

Are you suffering from constant bloating, stomach pain, diarrhoea, constipation, reflux, and excessive flatulence? All while feeling exhausted, losing your hair, constantly brain fogged, and suffering anxiety or depression? The role of gut health in autoimmune conditions According to the research of paediatric gastroenterologist Dr. Alessio Fasano, gut health and autoimmune diseases—including Hashimoto’s—go hand in […]

How to Treat Autoimmune Conditions with Helminthic Therapy

If someone gave you a bottle of liquified parasites, would you take them? After learning about the benefits of taking helminths—particularly if you’re trying to manage autism or an autoimmune condition—you might just change your mind! What is the human microbiome Our bodies are alive with trillions of living organisms. It’s like our own little […]

How Stress Contributes to Autoimmune Disease Symptoms

There are a few big factors that are known to contribute to the risk of developing autoimmune disease. Genetics and diet are the main ones. What you may not know is that there are also lifestyle causes, in particular stress. Our resident nutritionist and certified autoimmune coach—Chloe Moore—talks to us about stress and what you […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Autoimmune Conditions

The immune system is designed to seek and destroy anything that is a threat to the body. However, in autoimmune conditions, instead of identifying and destroying a threat, the immune system gets confused and thinks a part of our body is the threat and tries to destroy that! Types of autoimmune conditions Autoimmune conditions include: […]


Detoxing can cause a “die off” – where symptoms may appear worse before getting better. One way to resolve those aches and pains is with a magnesium-salt bath. What are magnesium-salt baths? Magnesium salts are the same thing as magnesium sulfate, which is a salt made of only magnesium and sulphate. What is the anticipated […]


If you’re looking for a SIBO-friendly, healthy detox recipe for lunch, Bri is here to tempt us with her amazing chicken, almond, and ginger stir fry! Ingredients (Serves 4) 2 organic chicken breasts – sliced 1/3 cup roasted almonds, chopped 5cm piece fresh ginger, thinly sliced 2 garlic cloves (omit if FODMAPS) 1 bunch spring […]


Our in-house nutritionist—Bri Clancy Olins—shares her favourite recipe for an antioxidant-rich juice that will help you alkalise, detoxify, and stay hydrated on our special, 14-day detox program! The importance of diet and nutrition when you detox Diet and nutrition are the cornerstone of a good detox plan. What we consume while detoxing plays a huge […]