Take These 6 Secret Herbs If You Want To Stay Well This Winter (In A Convenient Daily Drink)

It’s no secret that winter is when a lot of us get sick from viruses that make us feel miserable. Not to mention days off work and school lying in bed while everyone around you is having fun.

How does a convenient, daily liquid drink of 6 amazing herbs (not spices) sound to keep you up and running?

Our #herbnerd Georgia tells us what’s in this magical mix and how to take it every day to keep coughs and colds at bay.

Try Georgia’s liquid herbal cough and cold mixture

I’ve created a convenient liquid, herbal mix to support your immunity when you need it (and deter unwanted cold and flu viruses from moving in).

It even tastes good

My herbal mixture tastes pretty good, which is no small feat for some of these effective but bitter-tasting herbs.

(Also great news for parents of kids who don’t want a bar of foul-tasting medicines.)

It’s a convenient, daily drink

It’s great to have a convenient, daily immune and respiratory support at our disposal.

A kinesiology balance is great for ongoing immune issues (and I highly recommend that you come see me for balancing), but sometimes we just need quick and easy.

And what’s easier than taking a swig of some effective herbal support?

Herbal mixture only available at Brisbane Naturopaths

You can’t get my herbal cough and cold mixture anywhere else, because it’s my own recipe.

I make it using highest-quality herbal, liquid extracts from our Practitioner-Only dispensary here at Brisbane Naturopaths & Wellness Centre.

That also means I can customise it for any special requirements as well.

Secret Herb #1 – Elderberry

Elderberry is a syrupy and sweet-tasting liquid extract with great evidence to support warding off influenza strains. The syrupy extract also helps to soothe sore throats.

Secret Herb #2 – Elder Flower

Elder Flower is from the same plant as the Elderberry, but it’s the flowers not the berries. This herbal liquid reduces sneezing, sniffling, and nasal catarrh (that’s a nice word for snot). In herbal language we call this an upper-respiratory astringent.

Secret Herb #3 – Echinacea

You’ve probably heard of this powerhouse herb for immunity.

It’s derived from Native-American medicine for snake bites, because it’s very good at moving the lymphatic system.

When the glands under the jawline swell, this means the lymphatic system needs help moving along.

Help them along and the sinuses can drain a lot more effectively, and that stops snot from building up.

There is also a LOT of evidence indicating that echinacea increases immune-cell activity and balances the immune system.

Echinacea will support the immune system to heat up and promote a sweat/fever. This is a very healthy response from the Naturopathic perspective.

This liquid extract will leave a tingling effect on the tongue, so it’s good to have it before food.

Secret Herb #4 – Thyme

Good ‘ol garden thyme! But, in herbal-extract form it’s extra potent.

Thyme is antibacterial, antifungal, and pretty much anti-everything-you-ever-wanted in a liquid!

These effects are through our gut, on the throat on the way down, and also through our lungs. This means all the antibacterial properties have the opportunity to act upon our lungs.

This makes it great for kids with coughs and protecting their lungs from secondary infections.

For difficult coughs, there are other herbs, but for the purpose of my herbal mixture, it’s an all-round perfect ingredient.

Secret Herb #5 – Houttuynia

This herb is derived from South East Asia.

It’s a new comer to our liquid, herbal dispensary, but it sure is proving itself!

It has the evidence behind it to indicate: regulating blood sugar, balancing, anti-histamine effects (working along with the Elder Flower against sneezing and runny noses), as well as specific indications to fight influenza virus.

It does a lot of other things too, but the important thing is that in clinic it’s helping to ward off viruses. If you already have a virus that’s taken hold, it reduces symptoms dramatically.

Secret Herb #6 – Licorice

Ok not THAT kind of licorice!

Licorice is such a good all-rounder! I LOVE Licorice!

It helps soothe sore throats and inner linings such as lungs.

It helps preserve energy, and it sweetens up the mix!

In combo with the syrupy Elderberry, it makes the mix palatable and tolerable. Some would even say yummy!

If you don’t like licorice—or you are on prednisolone or blood-pressure meds where you can’t have potassium—you’re very welcome to contact me, and I can make you a custom mix without the licorice.

Who can use my liquid herbal cough and cold mix?

This mixture is suitable for both children and adults.

It’s very palatable, so I tend to call it the Kids’ Cold & Flu mix.

Flavour hacks

If you’re still finding the flavour a bit too strong, I can give you some suggestions. I know a few tricks to get around those sensitive taste buds without losing too much efficacy.

Extra lung support

If you have a cough—either productive or non-productive—we can also add more lung support into the mix.

Elecampane is one of my favourite lung-supportive herbs.

It’s anti-bacterial to the lungs, supports the lungs to break up the gunk that’s accumulating, so it’s easier to cough up or dispel through the blood stream.

It’s the only lung immune-supporting herb to be warming to the digestion.

Often when we come down with a virus, it also affects our digestion, whether we realise it or not.

Elecampane allows more blood flow to the digestive tract and supports digestive function. It’s such a lovely herb .

Buy your liquid herbal mixture in Newstead today

Drop in to Brisbane Naturopaths & Wellness Centre at 27 Cunningham St, Newstead for a 200 ml bottle of my herbal cough and cold mixture.

You can book online here for a consultation.

If you have any queries, you’re always welcome to contact me directly via Facebook messenger at Georgia Naturopath or phone me on 0473 392 360.