3 Easy Ways to Support Your Kid’s Immune System in Cold and Flu Season

Naturopath and kinesiologist—Georgia Kilpatrick—gives us three easy ways to supercharge your kid’s immunity to coughs and colds this winter season.

It’s cough & cold season, and with the non-stop exposure to viruses around schools, it’s not a matter of if, but when your kiddo will come home with a cold this season.

A cold a day keeps the naturopath away

Well not quite, but from a traditional Naturopathic point of view, one cold per season is actually considered healthy. It shows us that the immune system is responsive when it needs to be, robust, and effective.

Signs that it’s time to prop up the immune system

However, if the cold lingers on and turns into a secondary infection—that is, a cough or gunky nose displaying colours of yellow or green—then that’s not great. In fact, that’s your cue to give the immune system some support.

#1 How to support the immune system – Vitamin C and Zinc

To support the immune system, the quick go tos are Vitamin C and zinc.

These two nutrients are in high demand in the body for:

  • detoxification
  • skin repair
  • adrenal support
  • cellular-energy support
  • lots of enzymatic reactions around the body; and
  • the immune system.

Regular doses of Vitamin C and zinc over winter can help to ward off viruses.

#2 Immune support from herbs

Having said that, the king pins when it comes to supporting immunity are herbs.

If there’s anything that four years studying herbal medicine, nutrition, and homeopathy has taught me – it’s that herbs are your friend!

Herbs as prevention or treatment

You can use herbs prophylactically (that means, to help prevent the onset of illness in the first place), or you can use them to treat viruses and infections once they have taken hold.

A word about the taste of herbs

You simply can’t go past a good herbal mix. The down side is, that many herbs are very bitter to taste. The bitter taste does actually have a positive function in health.

However, it can be challenging to get that unpleasant taste past the discerning taste buds of your average child!

Try my yummy tasting herbal mix for kids

If you have a discerning child, who also needs immune support, you’re in luck! I have a yummy tasting herbal mix that both kids & adults find delicious! It’s tried and proven for many families over the years in my practice.

Benefits of my herbal mix

Herbal research indicates some interesting benefits of my herbal mix, namely:

  • fighting off the influenza virus
  • decreasing the production of mucous and sinus congestion
  • supporting lung function
  • antibacterial to the respiratory system (and gut)
  • soothing for a sore throat

Ingredients in my herbal mix

Check out my blog post listing all the ingredients and their extraordinary benefits here

Adults on BP meds

For adults on blood-pressure medication—who can’t have potassium—just contact me, and I can make up a Licorice-free mix for you.

How to take my yummy herbal mix


Take it as a preventative every morning to ward off colds & flu, or increase the dose if you’re coming down with a virus or have a lingering cough.

Ongoing infections

For ongoing infections, I recommend my herbal mix as well as a kinesiology balance. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – kids respond really well to Kinesi balances.

#3 Kinesiology balances for immunity support

A Kinesi balance for immunity identifies viruses and other factors that are increasing the load on the immune system. If your immune system is overloaded, then it has to do a lot more work. The kinesi balance is like saying to your immune system, “You got this. You can do it!”

Act now, and be prepared for cold and flu season

  1. Drop in to Brisbane Naturopaths & Wellness Centre at 27 Cunningham St, Newstead for a 200 ml bottle of Georgia Naturopath’s Kids’ Cough & Cold Herbal mix.
  2. Book a kinesiology balance with me for you or your kiddos. You can book online here.
  3. If you have any queries, you’re always welcome to contact me directly via Facebook messenger at Georgia Naturopath or phone me on 0473 392 360.