Is Organic Acids Testing (OAT) Right For You?

Here at Brisbane Naturopaths we thrive on testing. No more guessing games or long, drawn out elimination processes. The information is there in black and white.

Nutritionist—Bri Clancy-Olins—runs us through one of our favourite comprehensive tests – the Organic Acids Test.

What is the Organic Acids Test?

The Organic Acids Test (or OAT) is a urine test that assesses over 70 markers produced by the body during normal chemical processes, such as digestion, energy production, neurotransmitters, liver detoxification, and metabolites formed by our gut microbiome too.

The name comes from all of the markers being organic acids, or compounds containing carbon (i.e. organic compounds) with acidic properties.

The brilliant thing about testing these metabolites from the urine, is that they are metabolites. That is, they are leftovers from what our body has used, processed, or created. That gives this test an edge over regular blood testing, as blood tests show levels of what is present in the blood only, and don’t necessarily give us an indication as to whether the compounds are even being used, or how they are being used in the body. The OAT test also allows us to test levels of nutrients such as the B vitamins, which cannot be done through traditional blood or urine testing.

The OAT test involves no pathology-collection centres. Take the sample in the comfort of your own home, and post it off directly to our lab. No blood draws, no public loos, no fuss!

What does OAT tell us?

The OAT test assesses over 70 markers including:

  • Vitamin and mineral levels
  • Antioxidants
  • Fatty acids
  • Neurotransmitter levels
  • Mitochondrial function
  • Metabolic markers
  • Liver function and oxidative stress
  • Bacteria and yeast levels (the good guys and the bad guys!)

The test we use at Brisbane Naturopaths and Wellness Centre is also the only OAT test in the world that also measures levels of oxalates. (Take a look at my blog post on food intolerances here, where I discussed the role that oxalates play in many health concerns.)

This type of functional pathology testing can give definitive information about your health and is a valuable tool that can assist in moving forward with your treatment.

Who should invest in an OAT test?

  • Those with a chronic illness, especially if they are having trouble getting it under control
  • Children on the Spectrum or related diagnoses
  • Athletes
  • Those diagnosed with a neurological or psychological condition
  • Those with difficult gut health that has not responded to ordinary treatment
  • Those who experience otherwise inexplicable symptoms and have not made a lot of progress with either allopathic or naturopathic treatments
  • Those that are health conscious and just want to check out what their body is up to! (Honestly, it’s quite interesting to see pretty much your entire biochemical system divided up into little charts on paper.)

Proceeding with an OAT test

To book a consultation for your OAT test, call the clinic on 1300 03 03 25 or book online anytime to see one of our experienced practitioners.