Christmas Indulgence

Christmas is traditionally a time for family and friends, get togethers, special food and possibly more alcohol consumption than usual. These times can leave us feeling bloated and uncomfortable.

Nux-vom is a remedy that is always in demand around the Christmas Season.  It acts upon the digestive system,  (stomach, liver, bowels) and is particularly helpful when there has been sedentary habits, late nights with overindulgence….. in rich foods, alcohol and/or coffee. Sound like something you could benefit from?

There are many other remedies that can support the digestive system during the festive season, it depends upon the individuals tendencies, signs and symptoms. Homoeopaths look at when the condition first started, what was going on at the time, how the body exhibits the signs and symptoms and what is unusual to that particular person.  For example, if your digestive system is worse in the mornings, nux-v may be the perfect remedy, however if you experience extreme burning reflux after over indulgence, which is worse at night, then a completely different remedy would be indicated.

The key to homoeopathy is individualized treatment for each person. What suits your digestive upset will be completely different to what suits mine. Homeopaths therefore take unique case histories, we look at your family history, personal history, patterns to illness, what makes the ailments feel better and worse, sleep habits etc.

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