How to treat SIBO for long-term healing

Remove bacterial overgrowth to restore health

It is vital to get rid of the bacterial overgrowth as soon as possible, to avoid any further continuation of nutritional deficiencies.

Dietary changes to treat SIBO

SIBO is difficult to treat and can reoccur, so it is important to be strict with yourself, particularly with your diet.

Foods to restore the gut

Dietary change are two fold. The process includes removing and replacing certain foods.

Removing foods

We remove foods and factors that damage the gut.

Replacing foods

We replace foods to restore the gut, reduce inflammation, and increase absorption of nutrients.

Bi-phasic diet to repair and rebalance

Initially we start with a 12-week bi-phasic diet (similar to FODMAPS) to repair and rebalance.

Repairing the gut

We use:

  • targeted supplements and natural herbal antimicrobials (according to your test results). Research indicates that herbal remedies are as effective as treating with antibiotics.
  • enzymes to aid digestion and help breakdown your fats, carbohydrates, and protein.
  • prebiotics to increase short chain fatty acids which help the good bacteria grow.
  • probiotics to maintain the good bacteria in your gut.

Rebalancing the gut

We rebalance your gut using a targeted combination of diet, nutrients, and lifestyle changes.

Let Brisbane Naturopaths treat your SIBO

Dietary changes can seem overwhelming to many people, especially in this unrealistic quick-fix era we live in. We want your healing to be effective long-term, and we are with you every step of the way.

For any further questions regarding treatment, email to arrange an appointment or ring 1300 03 03 25.

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