How do we test for SIBO?

SIBO breath test

Functional testing for SIBO is as easy as a simple and accurate breath test, which you do in the comfort of your own home. Watch this video of someone doing the SIBO breath test.

Hydrogen and methane

The bacteria in the small intestines consumes food and nutrients causing a fermentation process which releases hydrogen gas, methane gas, or both. This test measures the amount of hydrogen and methane in the body.

Diagnosis of SIBO

If your breath test comes back with positive reading levels for either of these two gases, or both, we know that SIBO has been an underlying cause of your gut symptoms.

Personalised treatment protocol

Once we know the cause, we can prescribe a personalised treatment protocol specifically for you, which will involve diet, lifestyle, nutrients, and herbal supplements.

Let Brisbane Naturopaths help with your SIBO

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