Gut Happy Apple Cider Vinegar With Ginger and Turmeric

The Ultimate Health Elixir

Known for its health benefits and healing powers, Apple Cider Vinegar is worth its weight in gold, but only when it contains the “mother” (meaning it has gone through a fermentation process). Fermented ACV has natural sediment with pectin (amino acids), trace minerals, beneficial bacteria, enzymes, and antioxidants.

Gut Happy’s own formulation

Our friends over at Gut Happy have formulated their very own Apple Cider Vinegar with added ginger and turmeric!

Health benefits of ACV

ACV is said to help detoxify your body, aid in weight loss, strengthen your immunity, relieve muscle soreness, control blood sugar, boost energy levels, regulate pH levels, make hair nice & shiny, help tummy troubles, reduce inflammation, and clear your skin!

Just add turmeric and ginger

With the added benefit of turmeric (a total anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, all-round detoxifier, wound healer, controls blood pressure, prevents skin damage, aids digestion, immune booster, relieves arthritis, aids in liver detoxification, supports joint & muscle health, and balances mood) and ginger (loaded with nutrients and bioactive compounds that have powerful benefits for body and brain including boosting immunity, reducing nausea, aids digestion, helps fight cold & flu viruses, reduces muscle aches, anti-inflammatory, helps lower blood sugars, and improves heart-disease risk), this medicinal tonic is a MUST to add to your daily routine.

Buy at Gut Happy

Shop in the Gut Happy store now to add this medicinal elixir to your daily gut-happy routine!

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