Support Your Gut Health With Yoga

Have you ever thought about supporting your gut function with yoga? Our guest blogger and Yoga guru—Glenis Wilkinson—shows us an easy technique to support our gut health. Give it a try!

Healing benefits of Yoga

Yoga has many healing benefits. Support and healing for the gut is one.

A regular, mindful yoga practice supports, strengthens, nourishes, and invites healing. It also assists to increase flexibility and strength.  A healthy appetite, good digestion, and elimination can be the benefits of a healthy yoga practice.

The Solar plexus chakra

The Solar plexus chakra—or Manipura chakra—controls metabolism and digestion. Twists—and forward-folding yoga postures—squeeze, massage, and tone the internal organs. The digestive fire is strengthened.

Meditation and relaxation

Practice meditation and relaxation to further support and restore the gut as the body shift gears from the sympathetic system—flight or fight—to the parasympathetic system, i.e. rest and digest.

Techniques to try

One of the techniques you might explore is to sit or lie down, and lightly lay your hands on your solar plexus. Following the rhythm of your breath, chant out loud or silently to yourself the seed-mantra sound associated with the Manipura chakra ‘Ram’. Chanting the mantra assists to still the mind and focus attention to the area. It is also using the vibration of sound to assist healing.

Why not give Yoga a try?

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