Make Your Own Healing Bone Broth For Gut Health

Making your own healing and restorative bone broth Is simple and easy. Throw everything into a slow cooker or pressure cooker, and the rest is history.

Tips for beginners

If you are unsure, start with chicken broth as it has a milder flavour. We use all organic ingredients for this recipe.


(makes 2 litres of bone broth)

1 organic chicken carcass (any organic butcher)

3 chicken feet

1 onion (skin on), cut into quarters

2-3 garlic cloves

Fresh ginger, approx 1-2 cm sliced

Fresh turmeric, 1cm sliced

Any other vegetable you might have in the fridge such as: carrots, broccoli, bok choy, tomatoes, celery, leeks


Black peppercorns

Filtered water

¼ cup apple-cider vinegar


Place all ingredients together in your slow cooker or pressure cooker.

Cover with filtered water.

Turn slow cooker to low.

Let cook for a minimum of 24 hours (we do ours for 48 hours).

If it evaporates, keep topping up with filtered water.

Once cooked, drain, and store broth in glass mason jars in the fridge.

How to use

Drink a minimum of one cup daily (two is even better)!

If you still don’t have time to make bone broth

Remember, you can buy highest-quality Meadow and Marrow bone broth from our friends at Gut Happy!