Are you Vitamin D deficient?

According to Harvard University, over 1 billion people globally are Vitamin D deficient.

Why do we need Vitamin D?

Vitamin D is essential for:

1. Bone health and muscle strength

2. Cardiovascular health

3. Cancer fighting – research links low vitamin D and colon cancer plus numerous other cancers

4. Immune Support – to prevent reoccurring infections such as colds and flus

5. Autoimmunity – many studies now link low vitamin D levels with autoimmune and inflammatory conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis and Diabetes Type 2

6. Preventing the risk of premature death

Signs and symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency

If you have any of these symptoms, make an appointment at BNWC today, by phoning 1300 03 03 25.

1. Frequently getting sick

2. Fatigued or tired

3. Bone and back pain

4. Depression

5. Impaired wound healing

6. Bone loss

7. Hair loss

8. Muscle Pain

9. Gut issues

Testing for Vitamin D deficiency

The most accurate way to test for Vitamin D deficiency is to have a blood test, and we can easily arrange this at BNWC.