Sideritis – The Greek Mountain Tea That Aids Digestion

On Denise’s recent travels to Greece, she came across the local herbal, wild-crafted, flowering plant called Mountain Tea, commonly known as Ironwort. The scientific name for Mountain Tea is Sideritis.

How is Mountain Tea prepared and served?

This tea is prepared by decoction, by boiling the stems, leaves, and flowers in a pot of water, then often serving with honey and lemon.

Traditional uses of Mountain Tea

Ironwort has been traditionally used to aid digestion; strengthen the immune system and suppress common cold, the flu and other viruses, allergies, shortness of breath, and sinus congestion; as well as addressing even pain and mild anxiety.

Anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-microbial

Ironwort is known scientifically to be anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-oxidant. Significant research has been done on Ironwort, confirming its popular use to prevent colds, flu, and allergies.

Just try it!

It is super refreshing, and can be drunk hot or cool and made into ice tea. The flavour reminds us of sweet sage.

It’s easy to see why Hippocrates was an advocate for this delicious treat.

Definitely put it on your “must try list”. You can order this herbal tea online, just Google it!