Get Motivated and be Grateful for Three Good Things

So you’ve tried everything to get motivated on a Monday, i.e. essential oils, done some Yoga, done the early-to-bed-early-to-rise thing, tried a magnesium-salt bath, and gone for an early morning walk, but you’re still not feeling it.

Practise gratitude

It’s time we pulled out the gratitude card, and see if we can’t get you out of that Monday-itis slump. Instead of rolling out of bed on Monday exhausted and moaning, “oh yuk, another week at work”, we want you to try writing down just three things that excite you.

Start on Sunday night

You can turn this around. On Sunday night, get reflective, and make a list of three things (yes, just three) that you are looking forward to this working week, or that you are grateful for about your work. Trust us! It’s going to put you in a better mood!

Start simple, and get excited

Start by writing this phrase, “I am looking forward to…” or “I am happy and grateful for…” and come up with some simple things you can be excited about. Some examples to start you off might be:

What are the good things in life?

What or who makes me feel good?

Why is it good to have a job?

Make it a habit

Do this every Sunday night, and see how your mindset starts to shift. This simple act of gratitude could truly begin to transform your mood and life.

The power of positive psychology

“Three good things” is one of the most powerful positive-psychology techniques to raise your happiness levels. If you’re on the fence, look at it this way: it can’t hurt, and it sure might help!