detox tip 2

A good detox is divided into a number of stages: the first stage being the preparation of your digestive tract to ensure it is healthy and has good integrity.  If you don’t take this first step and simply increase the detoxification rate of your liver it is likely that many of the toxins being excreted will be re-absorbed through your digestive tract back into your body. This is what often causes common detox symptoms such as headaches and lethargy.

How do you get a healthy digestive tract? This involves the use of a broad spectrum anti-microbial to weed out the ‘bad gut bugs’, in conjunction with a good probiotic to feed the ‘healthy gut bugs’. Boosting stomach acid and digestive enzymes is also an important component.  This will reduce the number of toxins getting into the digestive tract thereby decreasing the burden on the liver prior to the detoxification.  Plus feeding the tissues lining the digestive tract with the nutrients it loves is also important.

This stage of the detox program may last from 2-4 weeks.

Always seek professional advice from a qualified practitioner before embarking on a detoxification to ensure you get the maximum benefit from the process and don’t end up with unwanted side effects.