Fussy Eaters

Fussy eaters can make life difficult and frustrating. It is normal for toddlers to like some foods more than others, we all do. It becomes a problem when nutrition is compromised.

Possible Causes Picky Eating

  • Addictions to opiates (gluten/casein foods). This is primarily from eating a diet mainly containing wheat and dairy foods
  • Addictions to chemicals (MSG, artificial additives). This is caused by a restriction to one brand or large preference for processed foods
  • Salicylates cause cravings for fruits and other foods
  • Nutrient deficiencies (zinc) makes everything taste bad or bland.
  • Yeast, viral, and microbial overgrowth may cause focus on eating mainly high carb and sugar foods
  • Sensory sensitivities can restrict the consumption of certain textures

Ideas for Picky Eating

  • Remove addictive foods
  • Improve nutrient status with supplementation
  • Get creative with TEXTURE
  • Chicken pancakes and meatballs for protein
  • Vegetable Laktes and Carrot/Kale Chips for vegetables
  • Incorporate (“hide”) pureed vegetables in muffins, pancakes, meatballs, pasta sauce
  • Visual Presentation

8 Ideas for Increasing Nourishment in Children

  1. Add organic liver to meatballs, patties
  2. Add pureed sauerkraut to apple sauce
  3. Add kale to smoothies
  4. Add vegetable juice to fruit juice
  5. Add pureed vegetables to pasta sauce, meatballs, pancakes and muffins
  6. Include pasture—raised eggs
  7. Try salmon roe
  8. Eat grass—fed meat