detox program

What happens when we decide a detox would be beneficial for you? Firstly, you will complete a questionnaire which will help us to assess if you require a simple 4 week detox or a more specialized detox which will last for six weeks.

If you require a 4 week program, you will have 1 x 1/2 hour and 3 x 15 minute naturopathic consultations and 4 x 1 hour lymphatic drainage massages.  If you need a six week program, you will have 1 x 1/2 hour and 4 x 15 minute naturopathic consults and 6 x 1 hour massages.  The massages will help to stimulate the lymphatic system to further assist with the detoxification process.

You will receive dietary and lifestyle advice and recipes as well if you require.

Nutritional supplements are also part of the programme as these are necessary to provide the additional nutrients required to support your detoxification systems.

At the end of your program you can expect to feel more energetic, experience a reduction in weight and relief of the symptoms which put you on the detox path.  Try it!  You have nothing to lose but those unwanted ailments.