Jackie Morgan, Nutritionist BHSc

I studied Nutritional Medicine at Endeavour College of Natural health and am also a qualified Pilates instructor. I love many aspects of Nutritional Medicine, but the low carb, high fat lifestyle is my passion. I love how this simple and easy dietary change can have such a positive ripple effect on so many aspects of your health, which is why I choose to have it as a focus in my clinic. My aim is to help women heal their relationship with fat through my holistic Keto approach.

I’m all about education and I love that my clients can walk away from a consult having learnt more about their nutrition and their body. I want all my clients to be able to make the best nutrition decisions for themselves and their families and I love it when they can pass on whatever knowledge they take from our consults together with others.

I was lucky enough to study at a university which taught me so much about natural health. My other passion is chemical and preservative free living and I have a very holistic approach when it comes to treating my clients. I aim to not only change the way you eat, but show you easy swaps that you can make to reduce the amount of chemicals in your home, to give you advice on certain books or podcasts that I know will have worked to improve my own mental health and to provide you with support and guidance between consultations.

I love to cook and I want you to too! Easy, simple, fresh and tasty meals are what I’m all about! And I will provide you with all the recipes you need

I run monthly ‘Detox Shops’ at local supermarkets so that you can learn all about chemicals, preservatives and additives in your food and household products. I’ll take you through every isle to point out hidden carbs/ sugars and show you how to make easy swaps to reduce the chemicals going into your trolley.

I love what I do and I love working with new people every day

I am also days away from being fully qualified as a Pilates instructor! Something I’ve always wanted to do.

I am available for Skype, phone and in person consultation for new and existing clients.